Weekly 11+ Progressive Assessment Mock & Review Sessions (Oct 2019–Dec 2019)

  • GL & CEM Mock Assessments
  • Standard Format Mock Assessments for Independent Schools
  • Detailed Analysis including Percentage, Rankings, Overall Rankings etc.

11+ Mocks & Review Sessions (January 2020– June 2020)

Our popular Mock Test & Review sessions are starting from October. This two-hour session helps parents to know where their child is and gives children an expertise of the exam with important Tips, do’s and don’ts! A session consists of your child solving a 11+ GL or CEM style 90 minutes multiple-choice mixed paper with separately timed sections and test hall instructions like the real 11+ exam. This is followed by the separate guidance part which consists of of explaining Tricks and Tips to solve questions in the most efficient manner. You also receive the result for your child in a comprehensive reporting the same week. The report will highlight your child’s shortcomings& strengths so that you can prepare your child better!


  • GL or CEM paper: Children solve a 11+ CEM style 90 minutes multiple-choice mixed paper.
  • Timed sections: The paper comprise of several sections which are separately timed.
  • Test hall environment: The tests are conducted in a real test hall environment in Prestigious Harrow Primary School.
  • Mock Test Series: The test covers full syllabus for Maths, English, Verbal & Non-verbal subjects and primarily targeted for Year 5.
  • Separate Answer Sheet: Children mark their answers on a separate answer sheet.
  • Invigilation: The tests are invigilated by experienced DBS Checked invigilators.
  • Get question paper:The parents can view the full question paper with answers and hints, online.We also send your child’s Answer sheet which are marked by machine which eradicates any error.
  • Instant result: You receive your child’s report in the same upcoming Weekdays.
  • Comprehensive Report & Personalized Software: A detailed report including vital statistics for each subject regarding your child’s performance and where your child is among others in addition to rankings for each subject will be available in the same upcoming Weekdays.
  • Track Progress: Comparison with your child’s previous result. This is independent of the difficulty level of the paper. This gives you a realistic idea of your child’s progress.
  • Probability of Success: We also analyze your child’s performance for the test in comparison with all the children who attended the test and indicate to you the likelihood of your child making it into a desired grammar school!