Mathematics Mock – M02 (Percentage)

Mathematics Mock – M02 (Percentage)

Venue: Online

Date: Now till 31/12/2021

Mathematics Mock – M01 (Number System)

1) You will get two mock papers of nearly 50 minutes with 50 Questions in each mock.
2) Free Quick Bites will be provided on this topic, which will be focussed on the basic concepts and it will cover all sub-topics within this.
3) Instant results will be available post submission of this mock.
4) Soft-copies of the papers can be downloaded from the Euphoria portal.
5) Full support on providing solutions for any questions asked over our most responsive WhatsApp chat +44-7404576344
6) Key differentiators of these topic tests are Quick Bites which can be used for the full 11+ journey and will enhance basic understanding of every topic.
Detailed Sub-topics of this mock : 

Mathematics: Percentage

  • Introduction to percentages
  • Convert percentage into fractions and vice versa
  • Convert percentage into decimals and vice versa
  • Percentage change:
  •       Increase
  •       Decrease
  • Word problems
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GL Pattern-With Non Verbal – Online, GL Pattern-Without Non Verbal – Online


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